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Our firm is subject to the Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Bar Association and the Competition Authority's Regulations on the disclosure of price information for services.

The fees for our assistance are essentially dependent on the amount of time we spend on a case. Our hourly rates range from the government fee scale at any given time, currently NOK 965, to NOK 2,500, excluding VAT, depending on the nature and complexity of the case. In some cases, the performance and outcome of the case may affect the final settlement. The hourly rate is agreed on at the start of any engagement. For cases that are simple and clear, we may be able to quote a fixed price in advance. Outlays in cases, such as court fees, etc., are additional.

In criminal cases and child welfare cases, the legal fees will generally be reimbursed by the public sector. 

In civil cases for which free legal aid has been granted, the public sector will reimburse all or most of the legal expenses. This applies to certain types of cases and clients who do not have a high income or wealth.

In some cases, the clients' insurance company will reimburse most of the legal expenses through so-called legal aid cover in their insurance contacts. This is true of most home insurance policies, as well as a number of other special types of insurance related to cars, travel, etc. 

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